Ayame Misaki


Born Tsuzaki Ayame in Kobe, Japan. She is fourth of five sisters. Her family was affected by the earthquake of 1995 and lived in a shelter for a year. She became active in the entertainment industry initially as a gravure model and variety show participant before receiving credited roles on the small and big screens. She won the 29th Horipro Tarento Scout Caravan and debuted in the gravure magazine, Weekly Young Sunday. She made audiences happy and excited showcasing her body in various productions. Naturally, she also began doing commercials and represented Sapporo beer among other things. She became famous in acting for the role of Miki in Cutey Honey Live. She was cast in Radiance, which was showcased at TIFF (Toronto international Film Festival) and Cannes in 2017. Her favourite phrase is 'I Will Do.' One of her favourite serials is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ayame married a man, who also hailed from Hyogo, after meeting him at a game of mahjong in July of 2016 and obtained a divorce 16 months later. She remains managed by Horipro.


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