Keith Flippen


Keith Flippen grew up in Lafayette, LA as an outcast "geek." In 1984, he and his family moved to VA where, to satisfy a school half-credit in the fine arts, Keith studied acting. In the theatre, he discovered a place of acceptance where his years of playing alone with his imagination would be of use. After graduating from Green Run High School, Keith attended VA Tech with the intention of becoming an Aerospace Engineer. Alas, based on his poor grades in Calculus, Keith decided that, if he were to ever design an aircraft, there would be a 40% chance of everyone aboard dying a terrifying and fiery death. He opted to pursue the thing for which he had a natural aptitude - acting. Upon graduation in 1990, Keith studied at the Eugene O'Neil Theatre Center and the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music, and Film as part of a Soviet/American exchange program. There he met his dear friend and Russian "bother" Igor Kopilov. After a summer of in-depth study and performance, Keith returned to VA and began working in film, television, and theatre. He returned to Russia in 1992 as the US Administrator of the Russian American Theatre in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Minsk to oversee the creation, promotion, and performance of a bi-cultural Christmas program for every 6th grated in Byelorus - 40,000 children were brought to Minsk over 10 days to view the spectacle. Once back in the US, Keith performed with Young Audiences of VA bringing theatrical performances to children across the state. Soon, however, the demands of his film/TV work meant giving up his first love


Movie Name Release Date
The Mule December 14, 2018