Maxwell Simkins


Maxwell Brooke Simkins was born October 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Hilary and John. He is the oldest of two children. He began acting at age six, when his parents looked for ways to channel his creativity and vivid imagination. He played his first role when Rob Reiner directed him in And So It Goes (2014), staring Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas, and Sterling Jerins. He has since appeared in many national commercials (Kmart, Campbell's, Olive Garden, Papa Johns. Ally Bank). In 2015, he co-starred in _About Ray_ (2015), a dramatic movie that showcased his versatile acting ability, directed by Gaby Dellal, and starring Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts, Tate Donovan, and Susan Serandon; and in _Love the Coopers (2015)_ (v), directed by Jessie Nelson, with Diane Keaton, Olivia Wilde, Marisa Tomei, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Ed Helms, Alex Borstein, and Amanda Seyfried. Maxwell is filming another feature film, The Book of Henry (2017). He has also logged three appearances on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon", in three comedic sketches. Maxwell loves soccer, baseball, golf, fencing, and school, where his favorite subjects are science and Chinese. His favorite game is Minecraft. He is a proud member of SAG and AFTRA. When not working, he is most proud of his role as being a big brother to Oscar, who was born in 2011.


Movie Name Release Date
The Book of Henry June 23, 2017