Peter Shinkoda


Peter Shinkoda was born and raised in Montreal. After having studied Civil Engineering at the University of Western Ontario and Post Production for Film and Television at UCLA in the 90's, Peter decided to focus on his acting and put his then job as an assistant film editor on hold. Since then Peter has consistently worked as an actor in projects such as "I,Robot", John Woo's "Paycheck", and most recently "WAR". He is appreciative to have worked with the likes of Will Smith, Ben Affleck, Jet Li and Jason Statham but feels most excited acting alongside Noah Wyle in his current project, Steven Spielberg's "Falling Skies", the first television series from the iconic filmmaker in which Peter has a lead role. Peter will also be featured in legendary Hollywood director, Joe Dante's highly anticipated next feature, "The Hole in 3-D", due for theatrical release soon as well as starring as the character, "Sektor", in Warner Bros' "Mortal Kombat:Legacy" web-series with director Kevin Tancheroen at the helm. "Falling Skies" will debut on June 19, 2011 on TNT Network in the US.


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