Rachel Amanda


Rachel Amanda is an Indonesian actress, singer, and model. She born in Jakarta, Indonesia at January 1th 1995. She attended SMAN 70 Jakarta and is currently studying at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia. She appeared in 1999 on Wajah Penuh Cinta, together with Paramitha Rusady and Marcellino Lefrandt on RCTI. After her debut in the soap opera Candy, Amanda was given parts in other soap operas, such as Lia, Tersanjung 6, Nirmala, Papaku Keren-Keren, Pintu Hidayah, Soleha, Doa dan Karunia, and Indra Keenam. Amanda starred Heart (2005) and I Love You, Om... (2006) with Restu Sinaga, Ira Wibowo and Karenina. In the film, Amanda played Dian, a girl who loves a man much older than herself. Amanda won the "Best Children Female Solo Artist" award at the 2005 Anugerah Musik Indonesia and was nominated for " Breakthrough Actor/Actress" at the 2007 MTV Indonesia Movie Awards. In June 2009, Amanda collaborated with a religious singer, Opick, to sing "Maha Melihat". In 2009, Amanda appeared in the movie Kata Maaf Terakhir and did voice work in the film Paddle Pop Kombatei The Movie. She began appearing in the soap opera Kejora dan Bintang in 2009.


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