Various Artists

A celebration of indie pop from the artists of the Mum+Pop label.

  1. Breathing Underwater (Mahogany Session)
  2. Annie (Martin Rev Remix)
  3. Holly
  4. Come Find Me
  5. A Higher Frequency
  6. Foot Face
  7. Giving Up
  8. Another Dub In The Sun (Live from Dark Mofo)
  9. Passional Attraction
  10. Ghosting
  11. Infinity Guitars
  12. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
  13. The Crown Salesman
  14. Since You’ve Been Gone
  15. Come Save Me
  16. No Roots
  17. Thirteen
  18. Don’t Just Sit There
  19. Help I’m Alive
  20. Lost Dreamers


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