Kylie Minogue

Influenced by a working trip to the home of country music, pop icon Kylie Minogue brings a touch of Nashville to her fourteenth studio album. The distinctive Tennessee twang pairs with Kylie’s familiar pop-dance sound to create a vibrant and fun recording brimming with stomps and handclaps.

  1. Dancing
  2. Stop Me from Falling
  3. Golden
  4. A Lifetime to Repair
  5. Sincerely Yours
  6. One Last Kiss
  7. Live a Little
  8. Shelby ’68
  9. Radio On
  10. Love
  11. Raining Glitter
  12. Music’s Too Sad Without You
  13. Lost Without You
  14. Every Little Part of Me
  15. Rollin’
  16. Low Blow