Ep 01 – Pilot

Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, realises that Krypton is in danger and his grandson may never be born.


Ep 02 – House of EL

Long: After facing a massive tragedy, Seg is learning to adjust to a new life and a new rank, when he faces a new threat.


Ep 03 – Rankless Initiative

Seg and Adam Strange are in a race to find a dangerous Sentry, while the military cracks down on Seg’s home district.


Ep 04 – The Word of Rao

One of the leaders of Black Zero seeks out Seg. Rao looks for a scapegoat to take the blame for the failed Rankless Initiative.


Ep 05 – House of Zod

While Seg fights for his life within the heart of Black Zero, Jayna must make a decision about her torn loyalties.


Ep 06 – Civil Wars

Seg must make an impossible decision when faced with a choice that will shape the EI legacy and the fate of the universe.


Ep 07 – Transformation

Lyta and Dev go looking for Jayna. Daron punishes those involved in the planning of a failed coup.


Ep 08 – Savage Night

As the Voice of Rao gains more and more power, a resistance movement begins to grow.


Ep 09 – Hope

When the greater good of Kandor is at stake, Seg has to decide just how much he is willing to sacrifice.


Ep 10 – The Phantom Zone

Seg is in a race against time to save his city, as the bottling of Kandor gets underway.