Joanna Wang

On this album, the tracks read like 19 stories as the singer-songwriter explores modern humanity.

  1. Modern Tragedy Prologue
  2. Good Girls Don’t Cry
  3. Sabrina Tape Super Speed
  4. I Must’ve Screwed Up Really Bad
  5. It’s Raining But You’re Not Here
  6. If You Say Come On To Me
  7. Now that life is trouble free ’cause I’m finally on T.V.
  8. please don’t you know what time it is?
  9. The Etiquette of Handing Scissors and Knives
  10. The Motorized Scooter Edo
  11. I Cannot Wait To Fall In Love (Dish Washer)
  12. Summer
  13. I Dream We Will Be Together Again
  14. Chief’s Song
  15. He’s Weeping Gently On A Hill
  16. Magical starry night palm trees waves song picture
  17. Goodbye
  18. Sabrina Don’t Get Married Again!
  19. Modern Tragedy Epilogue


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