Gary Barlow

(21st Anniversary Edition) [Remastered]

Since splitting from Take That, English singer Gary Barlow has sold over 50 million records worldwide. In celebration of the twenty-first anniversary of the hugely popular album Open Road, this remastered version includes demo and live versions of his biggest hits.

  1. Love Won’t Wait (Radio Edit)
  2. So Help Me Girl
  3. My Commitment
  4. Hang On in There Baby
  5. Are You Ready Now
  6. Everything I Ever Wanted
  7. I Fall So Deep
  8. Lay Down for Love
  9. Forever Love
  10. Never Knew
  11. Open Road
  12. Always
  13. So Help Me Girl (Radio 1 Session)
  14. Hang On in There Baby (Radio 1 Session)
  15. Are You Ready Now (Demo)
  16. Everything I Ever Wanted (Demo)
  17. Lay Down for Love (Demo)
  18. Forever Love (Demo)
  19. Never Knew (Demo)
  20. Open Road (Demo)
  21. The Meaning of a Love Song
  22. Cuddly Toy (Lush Vocal Radio Edit)
  23. Superhero