Rick Astley

Relive Rick Astley’s incredible career with this greatest hits collection. Because he’s never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

  1. Every One of Us
  2. Never Gonna Give You Up
  3. Whenever You Need Somebody
  4. When I Fall in Love
  5. Together Forever
  6. It Would Take a Strong Strong Man
  7. She Wants To Dance With Me
  8. Take Me To Your Heart
  9. Hold Me In Your Arms
  10. Cry for Help (Single Edit)
  11. Sleeping
  12. Lights Out
  13. Keep Singing
  14. Angels On My Side
  15. Dance
  16. This Old House
  17. Beautiful Life
  18. Try
  19. She Makes Me
  20. Never Gonna Give You Up (Pianoforte)
  21. Together Forever (Reimagined)
  22. Whenever You Need Somebody (Reimagined)
  23. When I Fall in Love (Reimagined)
  24. Beautiful Life (Reimagined)
  25. She Wants to Dance with Me (Reimagined)
  26. Hold Me in Your Arms (Reimagined)
  27. Cry for Help (Reimagined)
  28. Keep Singing (Reimagined)
  29. Angels on My Side (Reimagined)
  30. Try (Reimagined)