Various Artists

Take a step back in time with this collection of popular 1950s rock n roll tracks. 

  1. Rock the Joint
  2. Rockin’ Chair on the Moon
  3. House Rockin’ Baby
  4. Crazy Man, Crazy
  5. Live It Up
  6. Watcha Gonna Do
  7. Fractured
  8. Stop Beatin’ Round the Mulberry Bush
  9. Real Rock Drive
  10. Prince of Wails
  11. Hide and Seek
  12. I’ll Be True
  13. Honey Love
  14. Pat-a-Cake
  15. Banjo Boogie
  16. Dance with a Dolly (With a Hole in Her Stockin’)
  17. Truly
  18. Blue Jean Baby
  19. Lovey Dovey
  20. Paradise Hill