Top 10 grossing Indonesia box office of the year. Ayla’s father made a big decision. He arranged his daughter Ayla’s (by Amanda Rawles) marriage to a handsome pilot called Arsen (by Dimas Anggara). But Ayla rejected her father’s decision at all cost. She thinks is a stupid idea to accept the arranged marriage with Arsen. Moreover, Ayla fell head over heels with her boyfriend, Ando (by Maxime Bouttier). Ando was a rocker and Ayla’s father didn’t like him. When Ando found out Ayla had an arranged marriage, Ando persuaded Ayla to elope with him, or they would break up. On the other hand, Arsen remained patient with Ayla, even started to have a plus in Ayla’s eyes. Which one will be the perfect husband for Ayla? Why Ayla’s father so insist this arranged marriage?


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