Luther Vandross

Bringing together all of his major hits, The Ultimate Luther Vandross is a greatest hits album by American R&B/soul singer, Luther Vandross. It features a range of classics like ‘Never Too Much’, ‘Give Me the Reason’ and two new songs from previously unreleased tracks.

  1. Never Too Much
  2. Give Me the Reason
  3. Shine
  4. Your Secret Love
  5. Dance with My Father
  6. I Really Didn’t Mean It
  7. Stop to Love
  8. Take You Out
  9. Got You Home
  10. Power of Love / Love Power
  11. So Amazing
  12. Buy Me a Rose
  13. Love the One You’re With
  14. Any Love
  15. Always and Forever
  16. The Closer I Get to You
  17. Endless Love
  18. Shine