East 17

A collection of R&B and hip hop influenced pop hits from the British teen sensations.

  1. House of Love (Pedigree Mix)
  2. Deep (Breath Mix)
  3. It’s Alright (The Guvnor Mix)
  4. Stay Another Day (S.A.D. Mix)
  5. Steam (Vapoureyes Mix)
  6. Let It Rain (Thunder Radio Edit)
  7. Slow It Down
  8. If You Ever (feat. Gabrielle) [Smoove Mix 7″]
  9. West End Girls (Faces on Posters Mix)
  10. Around the World (Ourworld Master 7″)
  11. Thunder (Radio Edit)
  12. Gold (7″ Collar Size)
  13. Do U Still (Single Remix)
  14. Someone to Love (Summer of Love Mix)
  15. Hey Child
  16. Hold My Body Tight (7″ Radio Edit)


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